OHA! e.V -Ortho Hilfe Afrika

Welcome to OHA! e.V.


OHA! stands for the Orthopedic Assistance for Africa that we wish to provide.


At the same time, as a German exclamation:


OHA! reflects our respectful amazement vis-á-vis the smiles that met us everywhere in one of the most impoverished countries oft the world.


OHA! "Wow!" ist our appreciation of the pioneering work and results achieved by our Belgian friends (under the egis of AZV = Artsen zondervakantie, www.azv.be), whose project we actively wish to expand.


OHA! "Whew!" ist that we think, when we consider the work that lies ahead.

We owe great respect an gratitude to the existing initiatives and organizations active development aid.

Whether we can reach our ambitious goals without their assistance, is also up to your support.

We do not only intend to invest part of our leisure or vacation time, but want to ensure, through "slim" structures, that your Euros go exactly where you want them.


Please, help us reach our goal. We are looking forward to your OHA!


Mission Report 2013